Thursday, September 25, 2008

Would Be Funny If It Wasn't So True

More bailout humor:
  • Editorial cartoons:
  • Ed Stein, The Bailout, Simplified,
  • Ann Telnaes, Robbing Us Blind,
  • Pat Oliphant and Bruce Plante on Bush and Cheney's mission accomplished.
  • Lat night humor:
  • Stephen Colbert on the bailout: "This is one of the most important, irrevocable economic decisions we will ever make. Let's make it in a state of panic."
  • Jon Stewart asked John Oliver: "Is this economic icing, then, sort of the turd icing on this administration's [expletive]-cake, if you will?"
  • Jay Leno: "Oh, more bad news from President Bush. Remember those rebate checks from a few months ago? He wants them back. Yeah! We need to give that money to rich people on Wall Street. They need it more than you do!"
  • Jimmy Kimmel: "President Bush made a farewell speech in front of the United Nations General Assembly. You know, the President is not an eloquent speaker, but I thought he spoke quite powerfully today, especially at the end of his speech when he looked out at all the delegates representing all the nations of the world and . . . said, 'Can we borrow some money?'"

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