Friday, October 10, 2008

Comrade Bush

After the bailout of AIG and Wall Street banks, as well as the auto industry, the Bush administration is now considering a partial nationalization of some banks. See Washington Post, The End Of American Capitalism

So who is the real socialist?

P.S. Actually, this isn't socialist, it is communist.


  1. Actually it is fascism

  2. Actually, socialism is communism. But, this is also not fascism, fascism is derived from a dictator and we haven't gotten one of them...yet. The root of this movement is coming from the people, us, that are all too eager to hold our hands out to the government to lead us around. Our inability towards personal responsibility has lead us to this inevitable point in our history where the (perceived) joys of an overactive government collide with the Founders' warnings of what that overeager government would bring. Having lost the stomach to ride out any obstacles that encounter us, we have given up (all too happily) our rights. It was Ben Franklin who said, I believe: "Any man who would trade liberty for security, deserves neither." Perhaps he should have added, "and is certain to receive neither."