Friday, October 24, 2008

Is Palin Just Another Miss South Carolina

Remember Miss South Carolina Teen USA, whose mangled response to a pageant question about why Americans are so bad at geography became an internet hit, and made beauty queens everywhere proud.

Is Palin any smarter?

She appeared on Denver's KUSA-TV on Monday during a feature called "Question from the Third Grade." The subject of the vice president's duties came up when the interviewer asked, "Brandon Garcia wants to know, 'What does the vice president do?'"

Listen to Palin describe what she thinks are the duties of the president.

Keith Obermann concludes that after nearly three months and four attempts to explain the duties of the VP, Palin is not smarter than a third grader.

Maybe she should read the Constitution of the United States, Article 1, Section 3.

So after three months and four tries Palin still doesn't know what her duties will be. Which makes one wonder how McCain came to select Palin as his running mate. Perhaps it is to befuddle. Studies show that a pretty face can cause a man to 'discount the future.' So the question is, did John McCain pick Sarah Palin because he understood that principle, or was he a victim of "nature's power to befuddle."

We will know soon enough.

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