Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain Should Finish The Campaign With Honor

McCain should finish the campaign with honor.

No matter all the nutty things he's done, and vile things his campaign has said, given the economic situation, it seems unlikely that McCain will win over the independent voters he needs. Read Time, They Liked Him, They Really Liked Him and take a look at recent polls by Time (scroll down for poll on the right side, yes I know, Internet polls are not scientific, but the results are interesting nonetheless) and you'll see that it ain't McCain that they are likin.

McCain claims that he is an honorable man. He knows the mission of the U.S. Naval Academy:

"To develop midshipmen morally, mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship and government."

Because of George W. (The Worst) Bush, McCain will be denied the presidency twice. (You might remember that in 2000 Bush slandered McCain with rumors that he had fathered an out of wedlock a black baby, she was actually a Bangladeshi infant girl adopted by the McCains. Bush also spread rumors of mental instability. All to stop McCain from winning South Carolina, Lee Atwater's home state, after McCain had won the primary in New Hampshire.) (BTW, why do military folk slavishly love the Republi-cons. Another military victim of the Bush slime machine was Max Cleland, who had three limbs blown off in Vietnam. Republi-cons placing him next to Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein in television ads for the 2002 Georgia Senate election.)

Mr. McCain, after the campaign is over, will you have your honor?

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