Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why Republi-cons Cry

Republi-cons cry because they have lost their false idol, unregulated capitalism, and with it most of their money. See Washington Post, Gods That Failed.

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  1. Regulation isn't the answer either. We don't need more government. We don't need more government officials who can be bought off.

    What we need is to get the government out of business. This means not sanctioning corporations.

    We should not have corporations. They are an element of the government.

    By having corporations, we have the government securing the rights that should only be for people, not corporations.

    The government secures property rights for corporations for instance. But the founders said rights come from God.

    God gives rights to people, not to corporations.

    We shouldn't have the securities and exchange commission. That is not something the government should ensure. It is not constitutional.