Friday, February 27, 2009

Class Today at NoBullU on WEBY

Listen to the voice of wisdom and reason in a wilderness of partisan rhetoric -- No political insanity, no conservative hypocrisy, no liberal foolishness -- Just straight talk, straight at you, and that’s no bull!!

NoBullU will be on air Friday from 4:05 to 6 p.m. at 1330 AM WEBY and on line, courtesy of Cyber Smart Computers.


Local and state: Prosecute Sansom, he is corrupt, and how NOT to make it "illegal to look under or through a person's clothing," with guest, PNJ reporter Thyrie Bland; and

Nation and international: the government's aiding and abetting the robbery of taxpayers AKA the bailouts and organizing a recall of all politicians, AKA The Peaceful Revolution.

But I'll discuss anything. (Disclaimer: the host reserves the right to end any discussion and hang up on you.)

So tune-in, call-in, but only if you can handle the truth!

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