Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mike & Bert's Coming Out

UPDATE: Maybe Mike & I just have a bromance. Watch this and you'll know what I mean:

NOTE: The audio segment from Friday's show will be ready and posted soon. Check back later if you missed it -- it was hilarious.

The emails, in chronological order:

Mike wrote:

"Is Barack Obama's Momma In Nude Porn Pictures?

Some photos have been making their rounds on the internet that claim to be nude shots of Barack Obama's mom. Those photos are attached.

One photo is of the Obama family. Look closely at is his mom so you can compare her face to the face in the porn photos.

It's amazing what can be done these days with PhotoShop. So these may very well be fakes. But the sites I have been to to research this allegation claim the photos are authentic, and that it really is Obama's momma (Stanley Ann Dunham). Snopes lists it as "undetermined."

I seek only the truth. Sooner or later a listener will call me on the air and bring this up. I'd like to respond with a well-documented, or at least well-researched, answer.

Do you have any information on this that I can use to prove or disprove the allegations that Obama's momma posed for nudie shots that are now circulating on the web?


[EDITOR'S NOTE: I have not included the photo of Stanley Ann Dunham. Are they relevant to the discussion?]

Bert wrote:

"I would think that something like this is below even Republi-con low standards for newsworthiness. But I guess there is no shame for the sake of the party."

Mike wrote:

"I seek only the truth.

And if you read it through to the end (if you could keep your eyes off Obama's momma long enough to read my entire text), you would notice that I am seeking information to DISPROVE the allegation that those titties belong to Obama's momma."

Bert wrote:

"And on my next show I will seek information to DISPROVE the allegation that you are a homosexual wife beater."

Mike wrote:

"That would be understandable if photos existed showing me engaged in homosexual behavior or wife-beating.

This is not made of whole cloth. In fact, if you look closely, it appears that "Obama's momma" is not wearing any cloth at all!"

The photo showing Mike engaged in homosexual behavior, with me (!?!), and disclosed to me during the final segment of the show Friday:

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  1. For the record, the photo given to Bert while he was hosting Friday's "Your Turn" program had his REAL face on the cowboy. I took his photo (secretly through a slightly ajar studio door) and then PhotoShopped it onto the gay cowboy photo.

    He replaced his real face with his "No Bull" logo/face so he can remain anonymous in the crowd.

    Is it obvious that MY face has been PhotoShopped in? Actually it wasn't. I used "Paint" to deliberatly do a poor job of doctoring the picture.

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